Piacenza in 40 Minutes

Acum o săptămână am trecut prin Piacenza, unde am petrecut foarte puțin timp, având la mine doar telefonul pentru a face poze. A fost cald și plăcut, senzație excepțională, super binevenită după o perioadă îndelungă de ploi și frig la București. :)

Last week, I was in Piacenza briefly, with only my phone to take pictures with. It was warm and pleasant, which was an exceptionally good and welcome feeling after a long period with rain and cold back home in Bucharest. :)

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Și totuși…

Și totuși, eu sunt iubire. Și atât. :)

And yet, I am love. That’s all. :)

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Sometimes life seems to lose color. All of a sudden, everything becomes black and white.
Breathing is suspended, everything becomes still. Even your heart stops beating for a while. You’re numb. Unable to understand or feel anything, not knowing why.
And as you stand lost and motionless in this b&w world, your eyes begin to see that there is beauty around. That there is reason in the unreasonable. Your heart begins to hurt unbearably, only to let you know that it is starting to beat again. It carries the deep scars of the black and white moment, but as color starts coming back, it begins to heal itself. And becomes warmer and bigger, for it chooses to see beauty. And color. Even in the black and white…

Photo: Slowaholic. Milan, Italy, July 2014







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