Hope’s door

Here I am, knocking on your door.

‘Hope!’ I call you and I knock again, louder.

You magically open the door. Slowly, making my heart almost stop for a minute.

And then my heart beats faster and faster until I feel my face burning.

I see it. It’s all right there, shining under the sunlight, sparkling like dew drops, singing like birds, filling the air with the scent of a thousand rare, precious flowers, painting the sky violet and orange and golden… It’s waiting, inviting, welcoming. All it takes is one step. I’ve been here before, but couldn’t move and the door closed before I could even blink. Not this time. I brought Courage with me. I breathe deeply and take the step. The door closes behind me. I’m in.

Cascais, Portugal. August 2012. Photo: ©Slowaholic


8 gânduri despre „Hope’s door

  1. Pe mine ma deprima rau usile inchise de cand am citit fisele informative ale securitatii cu privire la dialogul dintre muma lu’ Stefan cel Mare si fiul ei 😦


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