The Clear, the Blurred and the Reflection

How often do we see things clearly?

How often do we notice the reflection of each real thing? That second image in our minds, which is so often upside down, filled with expectations, interpretations, desires, illusions, happiness, fear… How often do we actually see the truth as it is? Since the images in our minds seem so real…

How often do we WANT to see the truth? Or have the courage to? Even when we begin to notice that the reflection of the truth that we perceive as real suddenly becomes blurred. Fragmented. Distorted beyond recognition. Why do we keep trying to put the broken parts of an illusion back together? Is it because we are afraid of how much truth could hurt? But isn’t pain still pain coming from illusion?…

At least truth gives answers. Sometimes, it can cut one open and shatter them to pieces. But when you begin to put yourself together by gathering these pieces, you are putting together the real you, in that ‘here and now’, which is the only reality that ever trully exists.

At the end of the day, we only see what we want to see.



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