Chorus of Hearts

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In Latin, ‘COR’ means heart. I like the word ‘heart’, no matter in what language it is uttered. Be it the vital organ that beats in our chest or describing things such as soul, feelings or love, the heart supports life. As long as it beats, we are alive.

Too many people have forgotten their hearts. Too many people forgot they are love. And so the world has become full of hatred, wars, greed, cheep nothings, fake, vulgarity, emptiness and resignation.

I cannot watch the news anymore. Year after year, there are fewer and fewer movies that I can enjoy and fewer and fewer melodies that sing to my soul. I am not pessimistic. Quite the opposite. I simply notice the obvious and I think that it is ENOUGH.

I strongly believe that people are love. That love is our essence, the energy from which we are born, and in which we forget to live way too soon. I believe that love is in us, that it springs from our hearts. When we allow it. 🙂

I believe that now, people need love more than anything else. They need to remember the love within. They need to just let it be True, free, authentic, full of tenderness, compassion, kindness. Without fear, conditions and expectations. If we allow it to be, love knows what to do. It knows how to heal, where and how to shine.

It is important to begin with ourselves. Too many people do not love themselves at all. I know it is not easy to love oneself, I am still learning about it and it is often complicated. But I do know that we can start by being kind to ourselves so that we can really be kind to the others. We can also try to give up judging ourselves and the others. We can forgive. It’s a first step towards breathing more easily, being more peaceful, free and closer to love. Slowly and kindly.

Lately, I see hearts everywhere. In the sky, on the ground, made by man or by God. I have decided to gather them in images and bring them here, sometimes accompanied by beautiful words about love. I want to put together a chorus of your hearts, of our hearts.

Inimă deasupra Dunării. Budapesta. Iulie 2014 /  Heart over the Danube. Budapest, July 2014 Photo: ©Slowaholic

Inimă deasupra Dunării. Budapesta. Iulie 2014 /
Heart over the Danube. Budapest, July 2014
Photo: ©Slowaholic

I believe that love is the greatest force in the universe. Noting can compare to it. It is the only force that can give life. I believe that together, in love, people can bring Paradise back on Earth.

I dedicate this song to love. You can replace the word “girl” by “love”, or the names of your loved ones. Yes, if there is love, we can “Rule the World”. 🙂

P.S. I would be very happy if you helped me out. You can send me your own beautiful heart photos. I will welcome them with great joy and show them to the world here, on this blog. Please do not forget to also tell me your names and the place the photo was taken. Even if they are not professional photos, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is for them to be taken and sent from the heart. 🙂

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