COR: Perfectly Imperfect

I found this perfectly imperfect stone heart as I was walking in the mountains last weekend. I looked at the picture for long, as if charmed by the image. Then this came to mind: 

Perfectly Imperfect

I fall into your eyes and words become strangers

I fall out of time as I fall into you

Now seems forever and forever is now

I no longer know what else there has been.


But we blink in an instant and all time rushes back

It has been forever since that ‘now’ that we shared

All else that has been is taking control

And sometimes we dream

How perfectly imperfect together we were.


Perfectly imperfect.  Photo: ©Slowaholic

Perfectly Imperfect // COR // Photo: ©SLOWAHOLIC


Details about COR, here. 🙂


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