Photo Memories: Phi Phi’s Magic

I found some photos from Thailand in hubby’s phone. Just one look at them, and they instantly carried me back there, on that beach, in Ko Phi Phi. Probably one of the most beautiful places in the world, certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It’s cold outside, but I can smell the scent of the sea. I close my eyes.

I feel the sand against the soles of my feet, as well as all over my body, for I love lying down in the sand. The sun is burning badly. I open a bottle of cold water and drink it all. I get up and look for a little shade under the palm trees. I find a delicate white Plumeria flower and put it in my hair. I walk a while, looking for shells and stones. I step on one. It almost cuts my skin, but even though it hurts, I check and see my foot is fine. I go for a swim. In that instant, it seems that there is nothing else except that very moment, that place, nature and I alone, in perfect harmony and peace.

Here, more than anywhere else, Thailand has worked its magic on me. Miles away from ‘civilisation’, on this paradise island, where even luxury resorts have a normal pulse and a simple life and are very scarce, Ko Phi Phi has a tremendous energy that goes beyond words. It cut right through me, cracking me open to the core. Nothing fake, no defences, no pretending, no social engagements. Just me. It was… interesting to meet myself like that.


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