„Be Good”

How wonderful the simple things are!

Today was one of those simple days. A bit grey, a bit cold, but still so very wonderful. I have been working daily, way too many hours for the past two months. Today, I stopped. I actually did take my day off, my only day off. I enjoyed my new toy. (New) oldies, but goldies:

I listened to this album several times. Gregory Porter’s „Be Good” and „Just Like Children” are now glued to my heart. Today was just about being. Listening, watching, enjoying the ‘right now’. Today was about colour and music and dancing and joy.

Go for a walk!„, the doctor said. I did, and while this splendid music was playing in my mind, I found more colour, more music, more dancing and nature’s immense joy among leaves, birds, clouds and some sunny rays, an orchestra majestically conducted by the almighty wind.

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And yes, „BE GOOD”! 🙂

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