Tonight, I feel grateful.  For all the blessings in my life: for all the love and the loved ones, for all the beauty, for all the friends, for all the smiles, for all the hugs and all the kisses, for  help and true support, for my belief and for good luck, for strength, and courage and good times, for happiness and joy, and this amazing ride that’s life. I’m also grateful for all trust, outspoken minds and honest words, for being who I really am and not afraid of saying so. And I am grateful for tough times, they seem to bring the best in me. And also for the times of sorrow, for question marks that change my life, for painful lessons fate delivers, which make me look deeper inside.

They’re all just lessons, helping us grow, be loving, good and wise and better than before.

Icense Sticks at the Chinese Temple in Singapore.  Photo: ©Slowaholic

Incense Sticks at the Chinese Temple in Singapore.
Photo: ©Slowaholic

2 gânduri despre „Grateful

  1. tout ce qui nous arrive est une nouvelle leçon de vie… 🙂 I often miss S’pore… ❤ vom reface o halta de 48h la anu', în zbor spre Noua Zeelanda…
    * * *
    sanatate, un sfârsit de saptamâna însorit si numa' bine, Ancuta! 🙂


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