From the Elders’ Wisdom

Today was about surprises. And amazing encounters. Today was about confirmations. And a clear message from the universe: „trust your ideas, trust your intuition, trust yourself!”.

I believe in giving. Without always expecting something in return. I believe that what you give is what you get. Without exception. It’s true, you don’t always receive back from the same context or person that you have given to. But it’s a fact: sooner or later, we all receive what we give.

I sometimes doubted my intuition, my choices, my judgement. Everyone else has their own opinion, trying to influence you and sometimes, no matter how determined you are, question marks arise, and confidence is shaken. But lately, I see that things only go right when I do exactly as I truly feel, when I act according to what I deeply believe in. Even if I stumble and fall on the way, it’s only because from that place, I get to have a different perspective on things and on myself.

One of the beautiful people I met today, who is in love with many Romanian values, even though he is not Romanian, told me a wise saying of his people’s elders:

Throw a bread down the river. One day, that bread will come back to you.

Down the River Danube. Budapest. 2014. Photo: ©Slowaholic

Down the River Danube. Budapest. 2014. Photo: ©Slowaholic

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