You Know How to Be Beautiful

„You know how to be beautiful!” he told her standing a few steps away, as she was lying on one side, her head turned in the other direction, thinking of her painful shoulder and not aware that he was studying her.

„What do you mean?” she asked, totally taken by surprise. She didn’t turn to look at him. She could feel his gaze caressing her shoulders, her hair, her back, her pain. It was healing. Gentle. Loving. Soothing. Demanding nothing. Offering all.

„You simply do. It’s not about ego. It comes from within. It is your nature, that’s how you are. That’s how it is with you.”

„Well” she smiled „maybe that’s how it is for now. It’s not going to last forever” this time she turned to look into his deep, endless gaze.

„Oh, but this is. This kind of beauty stays. And it is the kind of beauty given to beautiful beings. Usually life after life…”

All of a sudden, she saw what he meant. In his eyes. The kind of beauty he was talking about was also there, in him. Perfect, indescribable, infinite.

They were not lovers. Yet, loved each other dearly. They knew how to be beautiful.


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