I sail today. First morning wind as ally.  Deep crystal blue my pathway. Minuscule grains of salt, soft angels wings on shoulders. The golden rays as lovers, caress and burn and paint pale cheeks bright red in sinful painful pleasure. I sail today. I do!

Moments: That Beach

A piece of me is still on that beach, twisting her fingers through her sea-salty hair. Pressing her toes deep down in the sand, feeling its moisture and its harsh, pleasant touch. Whatever I do and wherever I am, that place takes me over and keeps bringing me back, with invisible strings so well-known by the heart. The surrender is sweet, and the magic is strong, and the dream is so real, I stand there on my own. I am kissed by the wind and caressed by the sun, feeling amazed at the new breaking dawn, when all’s bathed in red-gold and in all shades of pink and the blues are all different, for a moment, I think…

Low tide, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo: ©Slowaholic

Low tide, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo: ©Slowaholic


There has been too much noise these days. Too many conflicts, too much anger, frustration, hatred between brothers. I feel exhausted and hope for brighter days to come. Let water wash away all wrong, let it clean and heal and soothe and bring some peace into our hearts. Tonight I dream of the most beautiful waters I know on Earth.

Peaceful, divinely splendid, simultaneously old and new, seductive beyond comprehension, exotic, yet familiar, Thailand is forever under my skin. It has bewitched me, poured its greens and blues into my blood, and calls me back louder than any other place. I know not why. Is it a fairly new acquaintance that I am so in love with? Or rather a place my soul has known for ages and never quite forgotten?…