Butterfly Touch

I thought that I dreamt of an almost-kiss from a velvety mouth on the side of my neck

I thought that I dreamt of an almost-caress of strong, gentle fingers sliding through my hair

I thought that I dreamt I had my breath stolen by harsh, hungry lips and was gasping for air

A butterfly’s touch, brief flutter of wings, enchanting my gaze, deleting my dreams

I thought…

Fluturi. Zoo Viena, Austria Butterflies. Vienna Zoo, Austria Foto: ©SLOWAHOLIC

Fluturi. Zoo Viena, Austria
Butterflies. Vienna Zoo, Austria

Vis, realitate?

Ieri am visat frumos. Se făcea că eram o domniță deghizată în cavaler și călăream pe un cal negru de o frumusețe uimitoare.

Astăzi uitasem deja visul. Dar într-un mod inexplicabil, mi-am amintit brusc de o recomandare muzicală primită de curând, pe care nu apucasem să o cercetez. Așadar am cercetat. Și am găsit.

O voce ireală. Un clip ce redă foarte bine o stare de vis,  puțin apăsătoare. Până când apar caii și totul devine ușor, frumos, perfect. Printre ei se află și calul meu negru din visul de ieri. În toată splendoarea lui.

Misterioase sunt căile viselor… 🙂


I had a beautiful dream yesterday. I was a maiden disguised as a knight and I was riding a breathtakingly beautiful black horse.

Today, that dream was already forgotten. However, for no reason whatsoever and totally out of the blue, I remembered a music recommendation I’d received recently, but hadn’t had time to look up. And I looked it up. And found… a voice which seems unreal. A video which perfectly renders a dream-like mood which is almost heavy and hard to bear, until the horses show up. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes light, beautiful, perfect. Among them, I saw my black horse from yesterday’s dream. In all of his splendour.

Mysterious are the ways of the dreams…



Alone, asleep, deep in a dream. Alone in a dream, peaceful, breathe in, breathe out, pause.

A shapeless shadow finds its way.

The sleeping shape turns on one side, deep in her dream.

The shapeless shadow starts drawing the line of the sleeping back with its shapeless fingers.

A shiver. Breathe in, breathe out, pause.

Shapeless fingers gently lift up the sleeping hair and hold it for a while. Breathe in. They let it fall. Breathe out.

Shapeless lips drink in the perfume of the sleeping hair. Breathe in. They taste the back of the sleeping neck. Breathe out. It tastes like roses and chocolate and hot summer wind. Pause.

Shapeless lips find the treasure at the back of the ear. Breathe in. A startle. They go ‘round to the round sleeping cheek. Breathe out. And lay a feathery kiss on sleeping eyes. Pause.

Shapeless lips draw nearer, and nearer, and nearer. They stop, anticipate, wait, breathe in, then part the sleeping lips. Pause.

Sleeping back arches and holds in tension just for a second… for sleeping lips know the taste of shapeless lips. They’ve met before. They dance together in a shapeless world of a timeless dream. Breathe in, breathe out…