Take care…

„Take care of the things that matter to you!”. Today, I got this advice from someone I love very much.

I do take care of the things that matter to me. Or at least I try to. As much as I can. As much as it is under my control. For I see that control is nothing but an illusion. And things change. I choose to believe that they always change for the better. That there are downs because amazing ups will follow. I want to believe that the taste of a bitter tear is just a brief moment in a sea of sweet tears of joy.

Why have we stopped crying tears of joy? When did we become so obsessed with controlling our emotions that we only cry when we can no longer contain pain? Why are we so good at making ourselves miserable? At denying our biggest dreams and desires until we no longer know them anymore? At lying to ourselves and to the others? At behaving like it is expected of us? Just because it’s ‘inappropriate’?… Or because we are too afraid that if we show ourselves the way we really are we will no longer be accepted, loved, ‘appropriate’?…

The fountain of joy.  Regent's Park, London. June 2012 Photo: ©SLOWAHOLIC

The fountain of joy.
Regent’s Park, London. June 2012

Miercurea fara cuvinte: Plimbare prin Regent’s Park

Foto: ©Slowaholic

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