Zen Waves

I thought I had no energy left. Too much work is definitely not highly recommended for long periods of time. But I know that I have the power to easily change a lot of things in my life. So I closed my eyes and asked: „What do I do now?”. Not surprisingly, as often in this kind of situation, I saw waves and could almost hear the sound of the ocean. So I found this video. Watched it full screen for a few minutes, then my eyelids just closed to the sounds. It makes you drift away…

Sweet dreams!

Chillin’ in Vienna ;)

One of my favorite places in Vienna is the Museums Quartier (MQ). Apart from the amazing museums there (for example: The Contemporary Art Museum – MUMOK, Leopold Museum, Zoom Museum for Children), this large yard offers a quiet space for relaxation in any season. A perfect place to lie down, read, have a conversation, draw, relax and rest or even nap. 😉

In winter, this place is mostly frequented by the city’s inhabitants for Gluhwein and the more-than-relaxed conversation and atmosphere that goes with it. 🙂