Ode to my sweet love

Oh, my sweet love, how fabulous you are! I feel so drawn to you, it’s more than I can bear. I can’t resist your charm, I cannot break your spell. You are so strong, my dearest, you take my breath away. I have to have you! Now!

As I approach, your perfume makes me dizzy. It goes up to my brain and it explodes in blinding fireworks. You burn like ice and yet, as my lips touch your skin, you melt into a vicious and delicious delirium. You set me on fire with your smooth, peachy flavour. The more I have, the more I want.  You slowly make me drunk, you’re so intoxicating… I know: when this is over, I’ll be so hot and scarlet red. I’ll feel extremely guilty, but amazingly happy. It will all have been worth it…

Unul dintre cele mai grozave deserturi ever: inghetata de piersici cu muuuult lichior de piersici + piersici (care la randul lor cred ca erau zdravan marinate in alcool). :))) La Restaurantul Les Armures, din Geneva

Unul dintre cele mai grozave deserturi ever: inghetata de piersici cu muuuult lichior de piersici + menta + piersici (care la randul lor cred ca erau zdravan marinate in alcool). :))) La Restaurantul Les Armures, din Geneva. // Peach ice cream with lots of peach liquor. At Les Armures Restaurant in Geneva. FOTO: ©Slowaholic