L’amoureuse de Toulouse

"Tu vois ce coucher de soleil magnifique? J'aimerai pouvoir l'arrêter... jusqu'à quand tu seras là." Toulouse, France. Photo: ©Slowaholic

„Tu vois ce coucher de soleil magnifique? J’aimerai pouvoir l’arrêter… jusqu’à quand tu seras là.” Toulouse, France. Photo: ©Slowaholic

Towards the Frozen North

The flight from Warsaw (Poland) to Tallinn (Estonia) was magical. My only regret was that the window was dirty and therefore, the pictures I took are not very clear. However, the views were absolutely spectacular, especially since we flew into the sunset…

COR: Lovers on the Sun

„Let’s light it up, let’s light it up 

Until our hearts catch fire, 

Then show the world a burning light that never shined so bright…

We’re burning up…

We might as well be lovers on the sun”

 Needless to say, I LOVE this song. And the video. And the lyrics. And the way it makes me feel 😉

More about COR, here. 🙂